Artistic Practice

As a performer, musician and cultural practitioner I work in the field of public engagement with the arts through a range of methodologies. I have experience of how performance works in relation to spatial, social, environmental and political realities with an enduring commitment to social justice.

Artistic statement

I have immense curiosity in the exploration of public and private space through creative processes, echoing sites through sound and movement. Delving into the past, acknowledging the present and imagining the future of a site can reveal real stories and incite the imagination to create a unique mythology.

I am interested in testing performance concepts in public spaces. I am fascinated by the ways in which people respond to public performances, and I have researched this in both my performance work and through academic research. Intrinsic to this work was the study of power and control, and with my collaborators in the Edges & Margins Collective we have exhibited artwork that was a response to the city, and the ways in which we inhabit the urban landscape.