Experimental Performance

Your Self Made Superhuman

Your Self Made Superhuman is an experimental, durational performance event, in the Wexford Arts Centre from 8pm-10pm on Friday 18th October 2019. Reflecting on how humans become superhumans through scientific discoveries + technological developments, Your Self Made Superhuman offers provocations to the public about our future lives through live art, music performances, clinics and hospitality.

This experimental event presents performances that are improvised and work-in-progress, where audiences will move through the public spaces of the Wexford Arts Centre questioning, engaging with and responding to the performances. This event provides a platform for artists based in Wexford to develop new performances, independently and with each other, access informal mentoring by emerging artists performing with experienced artists, producing new performances that allow for feedback by the audience.

‘No clear line separates healing from upgrading. Medicine almost always begins by saving people from falling below the norm, but the same tools and know-how can then be used to surpass the norm.’

Yuval Noah Harrari