Performance Practice

As a performer, musician and cultural practitioner I work in the field of public engagement with the arts through a range of methodologies. I have experience of how performance works in relation to spatial, social, environmental and political realities with an enduring commitment to social justice.

Performance experience

The context of my performance experience is multi-disciplinary. I have trained and worked in theatre and music and most recently have collaborated with visual artists and a writer with the Edges & Margins Collective to create new work including temporal performance work.

I am influenced by physical theatre, using strong visual images as part of my performance. My theatre training and performance is used to inform how I play with the violin, where the violin is an extension of my physical self, another part of my body as well as an extension of my voice.

The way in which I play music is intuitive and responsive. All of my professional music experience is rooted in improvisation and experimentation. Exploring and devising new sounds and responses with the violin is a love of mine. I value listening, as unique sounds come from people, space and place, and then responding, whether to create new work or to enhance the sounds that already exist.

Site responsive performance

The encountering of visceral experiences through the physical, sensory and emotional archaeology of an edifice is an inspiring premise. I am interested in looking at the envelope of a building, thinking about the site, ruminating over its purpose, imagining who’s been there before, and sensing who’s there now. It is fascinating to contemplate how a space may change over time, or even in a moment. Wrapped within a site, it is exciting to imagine how the space could be transformed through music and movement by responding to surfaces and textures, floors and ceilings, nooks and corners, light, dark and all shades in between, constructing a physical audio-active foundation for the building.